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Tucker Dobbs
General Information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Tuck
Tucka doodle doo (by Bonnie)
Resides in New York City
Family and Friends
Romances Vanessa (ex-girlfriend)
Friends Ben Wheeler
Riley Perrin
Danny Wheeler
Frenemies Bonnie Wheeler
Production Information
Portrayed by Tahj Mowry

Tucker Dobbs is Ben's best friend and roommate. When Ben becomes a surprise father to a baby girl left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend, Tucker, along with their friend Riley, Ben's mother Bonnie and Ben's brother Danny, help raise the baby. He is portrayed by Tahj Mowry.


He lives with his close friend Ben and, when he moves back in town, Ben's brother Danny in an apartment in New York City.[1]

He is very territorial about his food; the items on the left side of the refrigerator belong to him and he marks all of his food with his name.



When Danny is relocated to the NY Rangers, he moves in with Ben and Tucker. After finding Emma on the doorstep, he and Tucker immediately believe her to be Ben's. Danny calls Riley over to help them with the baby. She arrives and tells the guys she needed someone to pick up some items from the store, so Ben and Tucker quickly flee. At the store, they aren't sure of what to buy, but a customer decides to help them. When they get home, Tucker tells Ben that the woman was mean.

When Ben is left alone with Emma, he tells Riley to come over and help him take care of her. After she doesn't show up, he calls Danny, but he doesn't show up either, so he calls Tucker, who leaves his date to come help. He is stopped by Danny and Riley before he could go into the apartment. When none of them show, Ben decides to take care of her by himself. Danny, Riley, and Tucker eat and sleep out in the hall. The next day while Ben is playing on the couch with Emma, Tucker, Danny, and Riley come in and he tells them that he wanted to raise Emma.

I Told You So

Wanting to impress Bonnie and show how responsible he was, Ben comes up with an idea to make a schedule for caring for Emma later, but Danny and Tucker tell him they had other plans. When Bonnie arrives they quickly make up a plan.

The plan is put into use and Danny takes Emma, but problems arise, so he calls Ben and tells him this, but Ben wasn't able to pick her up since he was at work, causing Ben to call Tucker. Tucker thinks he can "save the day," but he ends up running out of diapers and is unable to get more, so Ben has to take her to work and get Riley to watch after her.

Later, it is Ben's turn with Emma, but he tells Danny, Tucker, and Riley he had a date, but they leave. Ben stops them and tells them he would be quick. She, Danny, Tucker go to the elevator, but Ben stops Danny and Tucker before they can get on. They try to leave via the stairs and Ben said he was invoking the bro code. Ben is then able to leave and Tucker tells Danny he hated the code.

After putting Emma to sleep, Danny tells Tucker he was leaving since there was no reason for them both to stay home and leaves, but unbeknownst to him, Tucker was listening to music and didn't hear him. Tucker soon leaves thinking Danny was still home.

Ben is anxious on his date and can't stop thinking about Emma, so he decides to call to see how she was faring. He calls Danny who is out and tells him Tucker had it covered. Ben calls Tucker and finds out he is bowling, so he tells Chloe he had to leave since neither were home with his daughter.

He arrives home and can't find Emma, but Bonnie and Riley come in with her. As they talked, Danny and Tucker also arrive, apologetic and worried about Emma. Ben says it was alright since they all made mistakes, but they were going to need help.

The Nurse and the Curse

Danny has his first game with the NY Rangers since being traded there and is very nervous and superstitious, but Bonnie knows how to deal with him. Danny shows Riley his lucky jersey that he wore under his uniform for every game and Bonnie takes it and puts it by the window because of its smell. Later, it's Tucker's turn to do laundry, and he goes around picking up Emma's things and the jersey, thinking it belonged to her.

The next day Bonnie goes through the laundry and finds the jersey destroyed and Tucker questions her about it, saying he thought it was a rag. Bonnie tries to hide it from Danny while she and Tucker attempt to fix it.

Bonnie eventually shows it to him and he is devastated. At the game he is put in the penalty box multiple times for being too violent. After the game, Tucker shows Danny that Emma was wearing the jersey and Danny says she was the reason he had won the game and was now his good luck charm.

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Guys, Interrupted

Ben gives Bonnie a key to his, Danny, and Tucker's apartment – much to Danny and Tucker's displeasure – because she "gave him life," but he soon finds that it may not have been the best idea when Bonnie starts bothering the guys.

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Ben Wheeler

Ben is Tucker's closest friend. In the pilot, when Ben calls him to get him to come home and help him with Emma, Tucker does so even though he has to leave the date he was on. Usually when he and Ben go out, he has to tell people they aren't together. Ben wonders why and Tucker tells him it was because they lived in New York and people assumed things.

Danny Wheeler

Tucker lives with Ben and Danny in an apartment in New York City. In Guys, Interrupted, Tucker has a long list of things he doesn't like about him.

Bonnie Wheeler

Bonnie may not have known Tucker prior to Ben's new-found fatherhood as seen in I Told You So when she called out Ben and Danny's names to see if they were home and called him "the other one," though she could have just forgotten his name. In The Nurse and the Curse, she and Tucker try to salvage Danny's lucky jersey that Tucker ruined. In Guys, Interrupted, when the other guys are annoyed at having Bonnie in there apartment, Tucker tells the others he and Bonnie were cool because she broke up with his girlfriend for him.

Riley Perrin

Tucker and Riley are Ben's closest friends. They first meet when Riley comes to help Ben with his new daughter at Danny's request. Riley helps the clueless boys raise Ben's new daughter.


Not much is known about Vanessa, but she is mentioned by Tucker a few times. He went on a date with her in the pilot, but had to leave early to help Ben with Emma. In I Told You So, when Danny and Tucker wouldn't help Ben, Ben invokes the bro code, telling Tucker that on June 21, 2010, he had covered for him to Vanessa when Tucker had been flirting with a waitress. In Guys, Interrupted, the others seem to know about the problems Tucker has with his relationship, such as her being too clingy and calling all the time. He has trouble breaking up with her, so Bonnie does it for him and he feels instantly relieved, saying he was free.


  • Bonnie once had to bail Ben (and possibly Tucker) out of jail in Mexico.[2]


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