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Susie Kettle
General Information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Sus
Family and Friends
Romances Ben Wheeler (made out in S1E10)
Friends Katie
Enemies Ben Wheeler
Production Information
First appearance I'm Not That Guy
Last appearance I'm Not That Guy
Portrayed by Brianne Howey

Susie Kettle is a minor character. She makes her first and last appearance in I'm Not That Guy in season two, but she was mentioned being at Katie's wedding that occurred in season one.


I'm Not That Guy

Susie is brought up when Ben is confused as to why he is on a website that hosted pictures of jerks claiming that would call a woman, but did not. Tucker mentions the name Susie Kettle and Ben realizes why. Ben claims that nothing had happened, as all they did was dance and catch up, but Tucker lets it slip that Ben and Susie had made out on the dance floor. Riley asks if this was true and Tucker jokingly says they had to get a hose to break them apart.

Ben invites her to his bar, but does not count on Riley showing up. Riley tells him she was looking for Danny. When Susie shows up, Ben quickly ushers her back outside to talk. He apologizes for not calling her, but says he had been busy with his job and the life of being a single father. Susie sees through his excuses as him wanting to get off the "He Said He'd Call" website and agrees to take him off if he told her the truth of what happened the night of the wedding. She asks why she hadn't heard from him after they danced and he left to get fresh air, wondering if he had met someone new. Ben said he had and Susie asks if he had called her. Ben tells her he was working on it.


Ben Wheeler

Ben and Susie appear to have known each other prior to Katie's wedding in Something Borrowed, Something Ben, as Ben claims the two did nothing but catch up with each other. Ben calls Susie and invites her to the bar to try and get her to take him off the website. Susie tells him to get off of it, he had to tell her the truth of what happened at the wedding. She tells him they had been dancing and having a great time when he had kissed her and told her they should get together. She says she never heard from him again after he went up to the roof to get some air. She asks why he hadn't called her, wondering if he had met someone new. Ben looks inside the bar at Riley, who is on her phone, and he says he had met someone - someone he had not "really seen before." Susie asks if he had called her and Ben tells her he was working on it and hoped she would answer.


  • Susie is mentioned as being a bridesmaid at Katie's wedding.