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Riley Perrin
General Information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Rigantor
Fat Pants
Occupation Student in law school
Resides in New York City
Family and Friends
Parents Jennifer Perrin (Adoptive mother)
Bob Perrin (Adoptive father)
Aunt Margot (Biological mother)
David Brinkerhoff (Biological Father)
Romances Danny Wheeler
Ben Wheeler (boyfriend
Jack Parker (went out in S1E4)
Fitch Douglas (ex-boyfriend as of S2E8)
Philip Farlow (started dating in S3E09 broke up in S3E16)
Friends Ben Wheeler
Tucker Dobbs
Danny Wheeler
Frenemies Bonnie Wheeler
Enemies Cassie
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Chelsea Kane

Riley Perrin is Ben's closest female friend and girlfriend. She also has a crush on him, though it is not to his knowledge. When Ben becomes a surprise father to a baby girl left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend, Riley helps raise the baby along with their friend Tucker, Ben's mother Bonnie and brother Danny. She is portrayed by Chelsea Kane.


Riley used to be the overweight girl next door who Ben and Danny would call "fatpants", but she has now blossomed into a beautiful young woman in law school. Riley's hopeful that Ben will finally take notice, but she doesn't realize that Ben's brother Danny is harboring a secret crush on her.[1]



Riley comes over to help Ben, Danny, and Tucker with Ben's new baby after she gets a call from Danny. Ben is surprised at her new look, having previously thought she still had a heavyset frame. She tells the guys she needed some items, so Ben and Tucker quickly leave. While they are gone, Danny finds out about her crush on Ben.

When she tries to leave after helping them, Danny blackmails her by using her crush on Ben. He tells Ben to tell her not to leave and Ben agrees and hugs Riley.

The next day, while hanging out, Danny asks her how long she had had a crush on Ben, but Riley doesn't know. He tells her she should move on since Ben had a baby. Riley thinks Ben could take care of Emma, but Danny counters, saying he had signed the adoption papers. Riley thinks it was only because no one believed he could do it since they all pushed for him to sign them.

She leaves to go help Ben with the baby since Bonnie was leaving. Before she can get to his door, Danny stops her and tells her to let him take care of her by himself or he'd never believe in himself and she agrees. When Tucker comes by, they stop him too and Ben is forced to change her diaper by himself. Danny, Riley, and Tucker eat and sleep out in the hall. The next day, Ben tells them he wanted to raise Emma.

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I Told You So

Riley gets a text from Ben and goes to his job and asks him what the problem was. Ben loudly reprimands her before telling her that he wasn't allowed to bring Emma to work, so he told his boss that her mother was outside smoking. Riley shrugs it off and has a drink.

Ben gets a date and leaves Emma in Danny and Tucker's care. After calling them both, he realizes neither of them was with Emma and rushes home. Bonnie and Riley come and he sees that they have her and he tells Emma he never wanted her out of his sight again.

The Nurse and the Curse

Ben and Tucker take Emma to her first doctor's appointment and Ben ends up asking the nurse out on a date, much to Riley's jealousy. She does not believe someone could be so chipper all the time, but Ben manages to get her to befriend Cassie. At Danny's first game with the NY Rangers, Cassie tells Riley that she knew Riley had a crush on Ben, but Riley denies it. Cassie tells her she didn't see her as competition since to Ben, she would always be "Fat Pants" and Riley gets in a fight with her which is broadcasted on the jumbotron.

Guys, Interrupted

Ben urges Riley to go on a date with her study buddy.

Married to the Job

When Ben's boss believes Ben and Riley are married, Ben uses her to get a promotion.  She initially agrees to go along with the plan, but sees that Ben has kissed a woman in the hallway to the bathroom.  It turns out that the woman is the boss' daughter and Ben had recently got her number.  Riley storms out and the boss thinks that it is a marital argument.  She is glad when Ben tells her that he didn't take the job due to the amount of travel required for the job.

Take Her Out of the Ballgame

She is elected as the captain of Ben's softball team, but takes the game too serious.  The team members decide to kick her out of the position and reinstate Ben as the captain.  Riley finds out via text and storms out of Ben's balcony.  Riley and Ben make up after Ben visits her at the baseball field and says that he wants her to be part of his life and his team.

May the Best Friend Win

The Daddy Whisperer

A Wheeler Christmas Outing

Something Borrowed, Something Ben

She is named the maid of honor for her friend Katie's wedding.  She figures out that Ben and Katie woke up in the same bed.  Ben gives an amazing romantic speech to Katie to get her to go through with the wedding.  After the wedding, Ben and Riley are on the rooftop and they share a romantic dance.  Danny overlooks and devastated.

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Ben Wheeler

Riley has had a crush on Ben since childhood and hopes he will finally take notice in her. She helps him take care of his daughter. Danny is the only one that knows that Riley harbors feelings for Ben.

Danny Wheeler

Danny has a secret crush on Riley and knows about the crush Riley has on his brother, sometimes using it to his advantage to get her to help him. In Episode 1.05, Ben concocts a plan that includes Riley pretending to be his wife. Danny tells Riley about his feelings for her; however, she takes it as a ploy to rescue her from the charade. He is also the only one knows that Ben has a secret crush on Riley, but is saddened by seeing Riley and Ben sharing a romantic dance in the season one finale.

Bonnie Wheeler

Bonnie appears to not like Riley. In the pilot, without knowing she was in her presence, Bonnie insults her, but quickly plays off it when she notices her.  Bonnie and Tucker both know that Danny has feelings for Riley.

Tucker Dobbs

Tucker and Riley are Ben's closest friends. They first meet when Riley comes to help Ben with his new daughter at Danny's request. She helps both clueless boys with taking care of Emma. Tucker and Bonnie both know that Danny has feelings for Riley.


  • Used to shove Ben in his locker everyday when they were in fifth grade. (I'm Not That Guy)
  • Subscribes to a magazine called "That Guy Quarterly." (I'm Not That Guy)


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  1. Tucker out of one of the people who would call her "Fat Pants" because of the way he reacted to that nickname in the pilot.