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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date June 20, 2012
Written by Daniel Berendsen
Directed by Michael Lembeck
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The pilot is the season premiere of Baby Daddy. It first aired on June 20, 2012.


Ben becomes a surprise father to a baby left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. He decides to raise the baby with the help of his mother, bvvv gh,jbb,hug,hgjhhjlj(b(rother, best friend, and best female friend.


While helping Danny move into his and Tucker's apartment, Ben finds a baby girl named Emma outside his door. They bring her inside and instantly know she's Ben's daughter. Danny tells Ben that he called Riley, who Ben thinks is still fat, over to help. Ben finds out that she shed some weight and was in college.

Riley requests that someone go to the store for some items, so Ben and wddbfcjrfgfgnfgjfhgdfjtrfftfvdxtdvyF. Mhgvvgh udtTucker quickly flee. While shopping for stuff, a woman helps them out, but first wants to know how old his daughter is and they do the math to figure out she was three months.

While Ben and Tucker were away, Danny finds out that Riley has a crush on Ben after she compares Emma to Ben. After Ben and Tucker bring everything back, Riley says ffffbhbshe has to leave, but Danny manages to get her to stay after blackmailing her about her crush on Ben.

The next day, Ben has to go to work and Tucker leaves, so Danny has to take care of Emma. Ben and Riley talk, but he leaves when he gets a text from Danny saying that Angelagg jnjh had come back. He rushes home only to see she wasn't there. Danny tells him she had left some adoption papers stating that if Ben signed, they could put her up for adoption.

Bonnie comes over to see her granddaughter and wonders why no one had told her about Emma, saying she had to learn from Jennifer Perrin, Riley's mom. She insults Riley before noticing her in the room. Ben mentions the adoption papers and Bonnie tells him he should sign them because of his lack of responsibility. Ben signs the papers and tells his friends and Danny that someone from the adoption agency was going to be by the next day to pick Emma up.

Danny asks Riley about how long she had a crush on Ben. She doesn't know and Danny says she should move on from him because of his baby. Riley thinks he can do it, but Danny counters, saying he had signed the adoption papers. Riley thinks it was only because no one believed he could do it since they all pushed for him to sign them.

She leaves to go help Ben with the baby since Bonnie was leaving. Before she can get to his door, Danny stops her and tells her to let him take care of her by himself or he'd never believe in himself and she agrees. When Tucker comes by, they stop him too and Ben is forced to change her diaper by himself.

Later, he tries to feed her, but she wouldn't eat anything. He begins tossing the bottle around and attracts her attention, so he keeps doing it for awhile and she finally drinks from it.

The next day, Tucker, Riley, and Danny come in to see Ben on the couch with Emma. He tells them he wanted to raise her, so Danny tells them to call the agency before they arrived. Tucker tells them that they needed to be adults and come up with a schedule. Smiling, Riley leaves.


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Guest Cast[]

  • Indira G. Wilson as Customer



  • There appeared to be three babies used for the role of Emma. One was for the majority of the time, one was seen when Ben was changing her diaper, and the other was seen while Ben was sitting on the couch at the end.