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I Told You So
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date June 27, 2012
Written by Daniel Berendsen
Directed by Michael Lembeck
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"I Told You So" is the second episode of season one of Baby Daddy. It first aired June 27, 2012.


The guys are adjusting to their new responsibilities of caring for Emma and it's not as easy as they thought it might be. Ben thinks he comes up with a fool-proof babysitting schedule, but after a series of miscommunications, their plan falls apart. Ben's priorities are not quite in order when he opts to go on a date with a new girl, then stay home - but all he can think about is his little girl. Meanwhile, Bonnie fears the guys can't handle the responsibility and jumps in to help, but Riley tries to convince her to give them a chance.[1]


Danny pours some of Emma’s milk in his cup and drinks it and Tucker calls it disgusting, but takes some when Danny offers. Ben comes in with Emma and tells them he needed the list of stuff they need for Emma, but Tucker asks why they just didn't get get Bonnie to pick get stuff. Danny reveals he had told Bonnie about Ben deciding to keep Emma.

Wanting to impress her and show how responsible he was, Ben comes up with an idea to make a schedule later. Danny and Tucker tell him they had other plans, and Ben tells them he wanted to show Bonnie he could be a good dad. He then notices Emma is missing. Tucker finds her under the table and he and Danny lift it while Ben gets Emma. Bonnie comes in and sees them and Ben claims they were playing hide and seek, but Bonnie thinks she was trying to escape.

Bonnie takes the items she bought to put up and thinks she is going to have to say "I told you so" to her youngest son, but Ben thinks he'll be the one saying it to her, saying he and the guys had come up with a plan and just had to perfect it.

When it is Danny's turn to take Emma, he has to take her to hockey practice, but soon learns there were rules about bringing babies in the locker rooms. He calls Ben and tells him this, but Ben wasn't able to pick her up since he was at work, so he calls Tucker.

Tucker can't handle Emma either, so Ben takes her to work and gets Riley to come and look after her by telling Riley he told his boss that she was Emma's mom. Bonnie comes and Ben tries to hide Emma, but she finds him. She tells him she was thinking about Emma’s future and was going to redo her will. Ben manages to get Bonnie to accept Riley's help with it while he goes talk to a customer who had caught his eye.

It's Ben's turn with Emma, but he tells Danny, Tucker, and Riley he had a date, but they leave. Ben stops them and tells them he would be quick. Riley says she would have offered, but had gotten roped into helping Bonnie. Ben reassures her he would figure it out since he said he would. She, Danny, Tucker go to the elevator, but Ben stops Danny and Tucker before they can get on. They try to leave via the stairs and Ben said he was invoking the bro code. Ben is then able to leave and Tucker tells Danny he hated the code.

Riley is organizing some of Bonnie's file when Bonnie asks her where she had gone wrong with Ben. Riley says she thought he was responsible since he was sitting at home with his child, but in actuality, Ben was out with Chloe, the customer from the bar. Bonnie tells her Ben is exactly like his Danny, Sr., his father.

Before kissing Chloe, Ben sees a picture of a baby and asks about him. Meanwhile, after putting Emma to sleep, Danny tells Tucker he was leaving since there was no reason for them both to stay home and leaves, but unbeknownst to him, Tucker was listening to music and didn't hear him.

After Riley gives Bonnie some advice, Bonnie leaves to talk to Ben. She checks in with Emma first when she gets there while Tucker knocks on Danny's door and tells him there was no reason for them to both stay home and leaves. Bonnie hears the noise that is Tucker leaving and tries calling out their names, but gets no response.

Ben tells Chloe he can't stop thinking about Emma and explains that she is his daughter. Chloe finds it a plus and Ben asks if she wanted to see her picture. Then he tells her that if he called and checked in he would be okay. He calls Danny who is out and tells him Tucker had it covered. Ben calls Tucker and finds out he is bowling, so he tells Chloe he had to leave. At his apartment he can't find Emma, but Bonnie and Riley come through the door with her. He apologizes and says he never wanted her out of his sight.

Riley takes Emma and Ben thinks Bonnie is going to let him have it, but Bonnie tells Ben she is proud of him. He is confused and she reveals leaving Danny at a Wal-Mart when he was two. She tells him feelings that came from his mistake showed that Ben was a parent and she thought he was gonna be a great one. Tucker and Danny rush in and apologize to Emma. Ben says it was alright since they all made mistakes, but they were going to need help. He tells Bonnie he needed her help and she tells him "I told you so."


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  • Bonnie revealed she had to bail Ben out of jail in Mexico and Tucker may have been there too because he said it had been a good trip.
  • When Bonnie mentions Danny, Sr., Riley says he put on the best fourth of July fireworks. Bonnie tells her he didn't have any eyebrows and only had four fingers on his right hand.
  • Riley finds out that Bonnie had gotten married at eighteen in Vegas to a man named Larry Hoffman. Bonnie tells her she divorced Larry and rushed back home and married Danny, Sr.


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