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I'm Not That Guy
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date May 29, 2013
Written by Dan Berendsen
Directed by Michael Lembeck
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"I'm Not That Guy" is the season premiere of season two of Baby Daddy. It first aired May 29, 2013.


Ben thinks he might like Riley and tries to convince her he's changed his playboy ways. Riley invites Ben to be her date at a work party, but Ben's efforts to prove he's dependable fall short. Danny hopes to come to Riley's rescue, but arrives only to find Riley getting friendly with another man. Meanwhile, Tucker schemes to go out with a model, and Bonnie attempts to get to know a handsome stranger...with a little help from Emma.[1]


Ben, Danny, and Tucker arrive back at their apartment after going to the gym. After learning of Danny dating a model, Tucker tells him that he should have brought a model for each of the guys. Danny is unsure if his new girlfriend Milena knows any other models, but Tucker says models travel together. Ben tells the guys to shut up and asks Danny if he could help Tucker out. Danny reluctantly agrees.

Tucker wonders why Ben isn't trying to meet a model, and Ben tells him he wanted someone special. At this time, he opens the door of their apartment and sees Riley cooking in the kitchen. She notices them and greets them, only to get batter on her shirt. She looks embarrassed, but Ben only smiles at her.

After Riley changes her shirt, Danny picks on her about making blueberry banana pancakes, asking her to remind him whose favorite those were. Riley plays it off, saying she did not know. Ben smells the pancakes and tells her that they were his absolute favorite and she tells him she hadn't known. Ben walks away and Danny asks what was going on, as he thought Riley was over Ben. Riley tells him she thought she had been over him, but when they had danced at Katie and Gene's wedding, she had felt a connection.

Tucker asks the guys if they had seen the website Katie and Dave had put, noticing a picture of him doing the electric slide. Ben tells Riley that he thought she won the award for cutest bridesmaid, making her smile happily. Danny stops Ben from going to his room, asking him if he was flirting with Riley. Ben tells him she couldn't help it, as he thought he really liked her. Danny questions how he didn't know since they lived across the street from her his entire life. Ben brings up the fact the two of them had danced at Katie's wedding and that he couldn't stop thinking about it.

Ben asks Danny if it would be far-fetched to think if Riley liked him too. Danny says if so, there would have been a sign. Riley comes up and tells Ben about a party the law firm she is interning for is having. She asks him to it and Ben tells Danny that was what a sign looked like and goes into his room. Danny asks Riley if she was sure about it and she says she felt like Ben was changing, mentioning that Ben didn't seem like "that guy" anymore.

Tucker calls to Ben, telling him someone had posted him on the website titled "He Said He'd Call." Riley explains to Danny it was a website where women posted about jerks who said they would call them, but didn't, and asks Ben about it. Ben says there was no reason he should be on there and Tucker calls the name Susie Kettle, causing Ben to backtrack. Riley recognizes the name from Katie's wedding, as Susie had been a bridesmaid. Tucker lets it slip Ben and Susie had made out at the wedding and Riley asks what was wrong with him after he said he would call Susie but didn't. She calls him "That Guy": the guy every girl is warned about, but every woman thought they could change. She asks who raised him and Bonnie walks in, telling them she needed twenty bucks for the cab driver.

Riley leaves after Ben tries reassuring her he wasn't "that guy." Bonnie asks what was wrong, but does not seemed surprised when Riley tells her Ben had no respect for women and was selfish, choosing instead to make herself a plate of pancakes.

Later, Bonnie take Emma to a cafe to try and get the attention of an attractive man. The man, who also has a baby in a stroller, notices her and asks if the seat at her table was available. She says it was, mentioning that the woman across from it was too.

At the bar, Tucker asks Ben what was wrong, as he kept jumping when people entered the bar. Ben tells him he had invited Susie over. Tucker thinks Ben wants to go out with her, but Ben says it was to get off the website. Tucker notices Danny making out with Milena. When she leaves, Tucker asks if she had said anything about him. Danny tells Tucker that Milena agreed to a double date and Tucker does a little dance.

Riley comes in the bar and Ben asks why she was there. She tells him she was looking for Danny. He brings up the party, but she tells him not to worry about it because she had it covered. Tucker asks Danny if he is over Riley and he says he is. Riley comes over and asks Danny to be her date to the party tomorrow and Danny hurriedly agrees, much to the annoyance of Tucker.

Susie arrives and Ben ushers back outside to talk. Ben apologizes for not calling her before, because of his hectic life as a single father. Susie sees through his excuses, saying he just wanted to get off the website. She tells him if he wanted to get off that he had to tell her the truth of what happened at the wedding.


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