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Baby Daddy is a half-hour series about Ben who, in his 20s, becomes a surprise dad to a baby girl when she's left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. Ben decides to raise the baby with the help of his mother Bonnie, his brother Danny, his best buddy Tucker and his close female friend Riley.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 10 June 20, 2012 August 29, 2012
2 TBA May 29, 2013 TBA

Season One: 2012

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 Pilot Michael Lembeck Daniel Berendsen June 20, 2012

Bachelor Ben discovers he's a father when his ex-girlfriend leaves their baby girl on his doorstep.

2 I Told You So Michael Lembeck Daniel Berendsen June 27, 2012
Bonnie is worried the guys can't take care of Emma.
Guest Stars: Ana Nogueira as Chloe
3 The Nurse and the Curse Michael Lembeck Heidi Clements July 11, 2012
Ben starts dating a nurse from Emma's doctor's office, provoking jealousy from Riley. Elsewhere, Tucker washes Danny's old high-school jersey, unknowingly tampering with Danny's pregame superstitions.
Guest stars: Briana Lane as Cassie
Notes: Before the episode debuted, Briana tweeted that there was going to be a girl fight.
4 Guys, Interrupted Michael Lembeck Nancy Cohen July 18, 2012
Bonnie's unexpected visits become disruptive to the guys. Meanwhile, Ben advises Riley to date her new study partner.
Guest stars: David Cade as Jack Parker
5 Married to the Job Michael Lembeck Lester Lewis July 25, 2012
Ben asks Riley to pretend they're married in order to impress his potential new boss.
Guest stars: Cali Fredrichs as Zoey and David S. Lee as Henderson
6 Take Her Out of the Ballgame Arlene Sanford Mark Amato August 1, 2012
Riley becomes the captain of Ben's softball team, but her no-nonsense approach proves unpopular. Meanwhile, Bonnie begins a romance with Danny's coach.
Guest stars: Tuc Watkins as Hank
7 May the Best Friend Win Michael Lembeck Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman August 8, 2012
Ben and Tucker vie for the same woman's affections. Meanwhile, Danny gets public-speaking tips from Riley; and Bonnie enters the world of online dating.
Guest Stars: Ashley Argota as Ava
8 The Daddy Whisperer Michael Lembeck Heidi Clements August 15, 2012

Ben receives coaching from a supermom named Izzy, who secretly has another reason for meeting with him. Elsewhere, Bonnie and Riley get accused of shoplifting when Emma grabs items in a store.
Guest Stars: Amber Stevens as Izzy

9 A Wheeler Christmas Outing Micheal Lembeck Lester Lewis August 22, 2012

Ben wants his father present for Emma's first family Christmas photo. Meanwhile, Tucker and Riley discover Danny's old high-school journal.
Guest Stars: Greg Grunberg as Ray

10 Something Borrowed, Something Ben Michael Lembeck Dan Berendsen and Nancy Cohen August 29, 2012

Riley prepares to be a maid of honor and takes her duties seriously, while Ben expects the wedding to be lackluster and tries to add some excitement to it.
Guest Stars: Melissa Tang as Katie, Trent Garrett as Gene, and Alec Medlock as Dave

Season Two: 2013

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 I'm Not That Guy Michael Lembeck Daniel Berendsen May 29, 2013

Ben begins to develop romantic feelings for Riley, but his reputation for being an irresponsible playboy works against him. Elsewhere, Tucker attempts to date a model; and Bonnie uses Emma to get close to an attractive stranger.
Guest Stars: Matt Dallas as Fitch Douglas and Anthony Montgomery as Marcus

2 There's Something Fitchy Going On Robbie Countryman Heidi Clements June 5, 2013
Ben learns something surprising about Riley's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tucker tries to impress his boss; Bonnie mistakenly forwards Riley a personal phone message from Danny; and things intensify between Danny and his new girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Wayne Brady as Chase Baxter
3 The Wheeler and Dealer Michael Lembeck Kirill Baru and Eric Zimmerman June 12, 2013
Ben pressures Danny to endorse a line of Japanese energy drinks, but the commercial shoot doesn't go smoothly. Elsewhere, Riley feels an urge to do volunteer work, so she becomes a candy striper at a hospital.
4 New Bonnie vs. Old Ben Bob Koherr Vince Cheung and Ben Montanio June 12, 2013
Bonnie moves into Ben's building, and he and Tucker do all they can to get her to leave. Elsewhere, Danny tries to break up with Milena, but she misreads his actions and thinks he's proposing marriage to her.
5 The Slump Michael Lembeck Frank Pines June 19, 2013
Danny consults with the team shrink to find out why he's struggling to focus on hockey. Elsewhere, Riley begins dodging Fitch; and Tucker must square off against Ben's girlfriend when he tries to get a promotion at work.
Guest stars: Lacey Chabert as Amy Shaw, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Jenna, and Matt Dallas as Fitch Douglas
6 Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure Michael Lembeck Heidi Clements June 26, 2013
A daycare worker thinks that Ben and Tucker are a gay couple, and Ben goes along with the ruse, hoping it will secure Emma a spot at the popular facility. Elsewhere, Riley dislikes the changes that Dr. Shaw is encouraging Danny to make
Guest stars: Grace Phipps as Megan and Lacey Chabert as Amy Shaw
7 On the Lamb-y Michael Lembeck Nancy Cohen July 10, 2013
Emma loses her beloved toy lamb, so the guys set out to find it, and Ben has a particular suspect in mind. Meanwhile, Riley hosts a book club in an attempt to bond with her coworkers, but her mom and Bonnie invite themselves and cause a scene.
Guest Stars: Kelly Stables as Kayla and Caroline Rhea as Jennifer Perrin
8 Never Ben in Love Michael Lembeck Dan Berendsen July 17, 2013

Riley's boyfriend dies and she's asked to give the eulogy at his funeral. Meanwhile, Ben falls deeper for Megan, but he's moving at too fast a pace for her; and Tucker makes a list of goals to complete before he dies.
Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Winston Douglas, Matt Dallas as Fitch, and Grace Phipps as Megan

9 All's Flair in Love and War July 24, 2013

Danny plays matchmaker for Riley and his new teammate, who secretly likes Bonnie. Elsewhere, Tucker gets back together with an ex-girlfriend who doesn't get along with Ben, and she winds up making Ben's work life miserable
Guest Stars: Meagan Tandy as Vanessa and Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Gerard

10 Test Anxiety July 31, 2013

Riley admits she's been struggling to pass the bar exam, and Ben tells her not to give up. Meanwhile, Amy takes a pregnancy test; and Danny attempts to impress Amy's dad, but it's an uphill battle for him.
Guest Stars: Andy Buckley as Amy's father and Lacey Chabert as Amy Shaw

11 Whatever Lola Wants August 7, 2013

Megan's dog gets snatched while Ben is caring for it. Elsewhere, Riley seeks Bonnie's help in getting back her old job.
Guest Stars: Grace Phipps as Megan