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Emma Wheeler
Emma in season two
General Information
Gender Female
Age 3 months (as of Pilot)
1 Years Old (As of Send In The Clowns
Resides in New York City
Family and Friends
Parents Ben Wheeler (Father)
Angela (mother)
Relatives Danny Wheeler (paternal uncle)
Danny Wheeler, Sr. (paternal grandfather)
Bonnie Wheeler (paternal grandmother)
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by London and Sedona Fuller (Original Pilot)

Ali and Susanne Hartman (Season One)
Zoey and Mila Beske (Season Two)

Emma Wheeler is the Daughter of Ben, the main character of Baby Daddy. She is portrayed by Zoey and Mila Beske in season two, after previously being portrayed by Ali and Susanne Hartman in season one. London and Sedona Fuller portrayed Emma in the original pilot.


Emma was left outside her father's door by her mother. She was soon found by her father, who was very surprised to see her, but after much thought, he does decide to raise her.



While Ben and Tucker are helping Danny move into their apartment, they find Emma on the doorstep. Danny calls Riley to come over and help care for her. The next day, Angela, her mother, leaves some papers with Danny, who tells Ben that if he signed them, Emma would be put up for adoption.

Bonnie then comes over to see her granddaughter and wonders why no one told her about the baby. Ben lets it slip about the adoption papers and she tells Ben to sign them because he wasn't responsible enough to raise a baby.

Later, when Ben is left alone with Emma after Bonnie leaves, he tells Riley to come over and help him take care of her. After she doesn't show up, he calls Danny, but he doesn't show up either, so he calls Tucker. When none of them show, Ben decides to take care of her by himself. He has a hard time getting Emma to eat something, but he soon manages by gaining her attention. The next day while he is playing on the couch with Emma, Tucker, Danny, and Riley come in and he tells them that he wanted to raise Emma.

I Told You So

When Danny reveals he had told Bonnie about Ben deciding to keep Emma, Ben wants to impress her and show her how responsible he is and comes up with the idea to make a schedule later. Danny and Tucker tell him they had other plans, and Ben tells them he wanted to show Bonnie he could be a good dad. He then notices Emma is missing. Tucker finds her under the table and he and Danny lift it while Ben gets Emma. Bonnie comes in and sees them and Ben claims they were playing hide and seek, but Bonnie thinks she was trying to escape.

When it is Danny's turn to take Emma according to the schedule, he has to take her to hockey practice, but soon learns there were rules about bringing babies in the locker rooms. He calls Ben and tells him this, but Ben wasn't able to pick her up since he was at work, so he calls Tucker.

Tucker can't handle Emma either, so Ben takes her to work and gets Riley to come and look after her by telling Riley he told his boss that she was Emma's mom. Bonnie comes and Ben tries to hide Emma, but she finds him. She tells him she was thinking about Emma’s future and was going to redo her will.

Later, it's Ben's turn with Emma, and when he tells Danny, Tucker, and Riley he had a date, they leave. He manages to get Danny and Tucker to watch her for him and goes on his date. There, he can't stop thinking about her, so he decides to call Danny to see how Emma was faring. He learns that Danny had left Emma with Tucker, so he calls Tucker. Tucker tells him that Emma was with Danny. Panicking because neither one was with Emma, he leaves to go home, but can't find Emma. Bonnie and Riley come in and he sees that they have her. Ben says he was never going to let Emma out of his sight and Bonnie calls him a great parent.

The Nurse and the Curse

After taking Emma to her first doctor's appointment, Ben ends up getting a date with with Cassie, the nurse. Meanwhile, Danny has his first game with the NY Rangers since being traded there and is very nervous and superstitious, but Bonnie knows how to deal with him. After finding out that Tucker ruined Danny's lucky jersey he had worn for every game since eighth grade, she tries to hide it from Danny while she and Tucker attempt to fix it.

Bonnie eventually shows it to him and he is devastated. At the game he is put in the penalty box multiple times for being too violent. When Ben talks to him after one of his times in the box, Danny tells him he felt free without the jersey. In the bar after the the Rangers game, Bonnie makes a toast to Danny and Tucker shows Danny that Emma was wearing his jersey in a mini version. Danny thinks that was the reason he won, but Bonnie thinks it was her pep talk to believe in himself. Danny disagrees again, saying it was the jersey.

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Guys, Interrupted

Ben gives Bonnie a key to his, Tucker, and Danny's apartment because he needed someone to watch Emma during the afternoons, but he soon feels as though Bonnie is replacing him when she begins doing everything with Emma.

Married to the Job

Bonnie throws a welcome party for Emma and buys her a frilly pink stroller.

Take Her Out of the Ballgame

May the Best Friend Win

The Daddy Whisperer

A Wheeler Christmas Outing

Something Borrowed, Something Ben

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Ben Wheeler

Ben is Emma's father. Ben did not know he had a daughter until she was left in his care. He only found out he had a daughter when coming home one day and seeing her outside his door. After much deliberation, he decides to raise her with the help of his family and close friends. When he goes on a date and learns that no one is watching after her, he panics, but soon finds that Bonnie had her in her care. He realizes then that he never wanted Emma out of his sight.

Bonnie Wheeler

Bonnie is Emma's grandmother. Bonnie immediately takes a liking to her as she said she had always wanted a girl and cried for about two days after finding out Ben was a boy.[1] Bonnie calls Emma her little princess.

Danny Wheeler

Danny is Emma's uncle. Even though he gets nervous around her and is as clueless as his brother and Tucker, he helps raise her.


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