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Danny Wheeler
General Information
Gender Male
Full name Danny Wheeler, Jr.
Occupation Hockey player
Affiliations NY Rangers
Resides in New York City, New York
Family and Friends
Parents Danny Wheeler, Sr. (father)[1]
Bonnie Wheeler (mother)
Relatives Ben Wheeler (younger brother)
Emma Wheeler (niece)
Romances Riley Perrin (crush)
Dr. Amy Shaw (Ex-girlfriend)
Georgie Farlow (Girlfriend)
Friends Tucker Dobbs
Riley Perrin
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Derek Theler

Danny Wheeler is the brother of Ben, who, in his twenties, becomes a surprise father to a baby girl left on his doorsteps by an ex-girlfriend. Danny, along with his mother Bonnie, and Ben's close friends Tucker and Riley, helps raise the baby. He is portrayed by Derek Theler.


He is a professional hockey player who recently relocated to New York City and moved in with his brother Ben and Ben's close friend Tucker.[2]

Riley's hopeful that Ben will finally take notice of her crush on him, but she doesn't realize that Ben's brother Danny is harboring a secret crush on her.[2]

In The Nurse and the Curse, it is revealed that Danny is superstitious when it comes to playing hockey. His jersey number is 23.



When Danny is relocated to the NY Rangers, he moves in with Ben and Tucker. After finding Emma on the doorstep, he and Tucker immediately believe her to be Ben's. He calls Riley over to help them with the baby. She arrives and tells the guys she needed someone to pick up some items from the store, so Ben and Tucker quickly flee. While there were out, Danny learns about the crush Riley has on Ben. When she tries to leave after helping them, Danny blackmails her by using her crush on Ben.

The next day, when Ben has to go to work and Tucker leaves, Danny has to care for Emma. While doing so, Angela comes over and leaves some papers for Ben. When he notifies his brother, Ben rushes home and is mad that Danny let Angela leave. Danny claims it was because he had to take care of Emma. He gives Ben the papers Angela had left and tells him they if he signed them, Emma would be put up for adoption.

While Ben and Bonnie are home, Danny and Riley go out to a bar and Danny asks her how long she had had a crush on Ben, but Riley doesn't know. He tells her she should move on since Ben had a baby. Riley thinks Ben could take care of Emma, but Danny counters, saying he had signed the adoption papers. Riley thinks it was only because no one believed he could do it since they all pushed for him to sign them.

She leaves to go help Ben with the baby since Bonnie was leaving. Before she can get to his door, Danny stops her and tells her to let him take care of her by himself or he'd never believe in himself and she agrees. When Tucker comes by, they stop him too and Ben is forced to change her diaper by himself. Danny, Riley, and Tucker eat and sleep out in the hall. The next day, Ben tells them he wanted to raise Emma.

I Told You So

Danny tells Ben he told Bonnie that Ben decided to raise Emma instead of putting her up for adoption. Wanting to impress her and show how responsible he was, Ben comes up with an idea to make a schedule later, but Danny and Tucker tell him they had other plans. When Bonnie arrives they quickly make up a plan.

When it is Danny's turn to take Emma, he has to take her to hockey practice, but soon learns there were rules about bringing babies in the locker rooms. He calls Ben and tells him this, but Ben wasn't able to pick her up since he was at work, so Ben calls Tucker.

Later, it is Ben's turn with Emma, but he tells Danny, Tucker, and Riley he had a date, but they leave. Ben stops them and tells them he would be quick. Riley says she would have offered, but had gotten roped into helping Bonnie. Ben reassures her he would figure it out since he said he would. She, Danny, Tucker go to the elevator, but Ben stops Danny and Tucker before they can get on. They try to leave via the stairs and Ben said he was invoking the bro code. Ben is then able to leave and Tucker tells Danny he hated the code.

After putting Emma to sleep, Danny tells Tucker he was leaving since there was no reason for them both to stay home and leaves, but unbeknownst to him, Tucker was listening to music and didn't hear him. Tucker soon leaves thinking Danny was still home.

Ben is anxious on his date and can't stop thinking about Emma, so he decides to call to see how she was faring. He calls Danny who is out and tells him Tucker had it covered. Ben calls Tucker and finds out he is bowling, so he tells Chloe he had to leave since neither were home with his daughter.

He arrives home and can't find Emma, but Bonnie and Riley come in with her. As they talked, Danny and Tucker also arrive, apologetic and worried about Emma. Ben says it was alright since they all made mistakes, but they were going to need help.

The Nurse and the Curse

Danny has his first game with the NY Rangers since being traded there and is very nervous and superstitious, but Bonnie knows how to deal with him. He tells Riley he wished she could have seen some of his games in Calgary and Bonnie tells them she had been to all of his games.

Danny goes over a list of items with Bonnie and Riley can't believe he was still superstitious and asks about the rank jersey he used to wear in high school. Danny shows it to her, telling her he wore it under his uniform for every game. Bonnie says he wore it when he won his first championship when he was fourteen.

Later, Riley comes over to see if Ben need help with Emma and Danny tells her he was out on a date. Danny tells her to get over him, and she lies, saying she was. When Ben comes back, Danny takes Emma to go watch a movie while Ben talked to Riley about Cassie. The next day Cassie and Riley come to the bar after going on a shopping trip. When Cassie leaves, Ben asks Riley what she thought of her. Riley lies to him and when he leaves, she tells Danny she hated Cassie.

The next morning, while going through the laundry, Bonnie finds Danny’s jersey is now ruined and Tucker questions her about what it was, saying he thought it was a rag when he had been doing laundry. She shoos Tucker out of the room and Riley gets Danny to leave with her. Tucker comes back and thinks he understands the situation, but when Bonnie explains it, he realizes he hadn't understood. At the bar, Riley talks to Danny about how phony she thought Cassie was. She admits she was a little jealous and that ever since Ben came back into her life, the old feelings from high school came back. Danny tells her it was Ben's loss.

Bonnie goes to the Rangers's locker room and brings Danny his stuff, but he notices his jersey is missing. She tells him it had been destroyed, but he thinks she lost it. She tells him it was going to be okay, but he disagrees. Bonnie tells him none of his items were lucky and to not let some shirt determine his greatness.

During the game he is put in the penalty box multiple times for being too violent. After the game, Riley is embarrassed about putting Ben's girlfriend in a headlock and talks to Danny about it, thinking Ben hated her. Danny tells her to tell Ben the truth about Cassie and move on, but she decides to leave.

In the bar, Bonnie makes a toast to Danny and Tucker shows Danny that Emma was wearing his jersey in a mini version. Danny thinks that was the reason he won, but Bonnie thinks it was her pep talk to believe in himself. After the game, Tucker shows Danny that Emma was wearing the jersey and Danny says she was the reason he had won the game and was now his good luck charm.

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Guys, Interrupted

Ben gives Bonnie a key to his, Danny, and Tucker's apartment – much to Danny and Tucker's displeasure – because she "gave him life," but he soon finds that it may not have been the best idea when Bonnie starts bothering the guys.

Meanwhile, Riley has a new study buddy, Jack, who Danny seems jealous of, but Ben encourages her to date him.

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Bonnie Wheeler

Bonnie is Danny and Ben's protective and sometimes overbearing mother. She claims after having him she never fully "recovered" because she had to have a C-, D-, and E-section. In I Told You So, after Ben thought he had almost lost Emma, Bonnie tells him she had once forgot Danny in a Wal-Mart.

Ben Wheeler

Ben is Danny's younger brother. When he is traded to the NY Rangers, he moves in with Ben and Tucker. Riley tells him in the pilot that Ben looked up to him. He helps Ben raise his new daughter.

Emma Wheeler

Emma is Danny's niece. He helps his brother raise her even though he is as clueless as Ben and Tucker.

Tucker Dobbs

Danny lives with Ben and Tucker in an apartment in New York City. In Guys, Interrupted, Tucker finds out about Danny's crush on Riley. Also in the episode, Tucker has a long list of things he doesn't like about Danny.

Riley Perrin

Danny has a secret crush on Riley and knows about the crush Riley has on his brother, sometimes using it to his advantage to get her to help him. He thinks his brother is an idiot for not noticing Riley.


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