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Bonnie Wheeler
General Information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) HotBon79 (on dating website)
Resides in New York City, New York
Family and Friends
Relatives Emma Wheeler (granddaughter)
Spouse Larry Hoffman (ex-husband)[1]
Danny Wheeler, Sr. (ex-husband)[1]
Romances Hank (went out in S1E6)
Children Danny Wheeler, Jr. (oldest son)
Ben Wheeler (youngest son)
Frenemies Tucker Dobbs
Riley Perrin
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Melissa Peterman

Bonnie Wheeler is the mother of Ben, who, in his twenties, becomes a surprise father to a baby girl left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. She helps her son raise the baby along with her other son Danny, and Ben's close friends Tucker and Riley. She is portrayed by Melissa Peterman.


Bonnie is Danny and Ben's protective and sometimes overbearing mother. She helps Ben raise his daughter, her granddaughter.



When Bonnie comes over to see Emma, she wonders why no one told her because she heard the news from Jennifer Perrin, Riley's mother. While she is doting over Emma, Ben lets it slip about the adoption papers Angela had sent and Bonnie tells him to sign them because he was not responsible enough to raise a child.

I Told You So

When Bonnie learns Ben did not give Emma up for adoption, she is worried the guys can't take care of her, but Ben comes up with a plan. When she comes to his job, she sees Emma and wonders if the plan was really working, but he tells her Riley was plan B. She then tells him that she was thinking about changing her will to include Emma, and because he was trying to chat up a customer, he offers her Riley's help, which Bonnie accepts.

The two go to the bar later so Riley can help her organize some files. While Riley is doing so, Bonnie begins talking, asking where she had went wrong with Ben. Riley thinks he was responsible since he was at home with his child, but in actuality he was on a date with the customer, having left Emma in the care of Danny and Tucker even though it was his turn to watch her.

Riley gives Bonnie some advice to helping Ben without throwing the fact he would need her help in his face, and Bonnie decides to go talk to him. She gets to the apartment and checks on Emma first and finds they were the only two there, Tucker having left moments before.

Ben rushes home after finding out about the miscommunication and searches around the apartment for Emma, but cannot find her. During the search, Bonnie and Riley come in and Ben sees they have Emma. He decides he never wants her out of his sight and Bonnie calls him a great parent.

When Tucker and Danny rush in apologetic and worried, Ben tells them it was okay because they all made mistakes. He then says that he needed his mother's help and when they hug, she tells him "I told you so."

The Nurse and the Curse

When Danny has his first game since being traded to the NY Rangers, Bonnie knows how to keep up with his pregame superstitions. Riley expresses excitement at going to one of his games and Bonnie tells her she had been to all of them, even the games in Calgary.

The next day, Bonnie brings Danny his pressed socks and is going through the laundry and finds his lucky jersey is a tattered mess. Tucker questions her about it, saying he thought it was a rag, but she shoos him out of the kitchen so Danny wouldn't notice and Riley gets Danny to leave with her. Tucker comes back thinking he understood the situation, but when Bonnie explains it, he realizes he hadn't understood.

Bonnie tells Tucker about buying a new jersey and messing it up, but Tucker tapes the jersey up and thinks the problem was solved. Bonnie then tells him she was going to talk to Danny about growing up. She gets to the locker room and brings Danny his stuff, but he notices his jersey was missing. She tells him it had been destroyed, but he thinks she lost it. She tells him it was going to be okay, but he disagrees. Bonnie tells him none of his items were lucky and to not let some shirt determine his greatness.

In the bar after the NY Rangers win the game, Bonnie makes a toast to Danny and Tucker shows Danny that Emma was wearing his jersey in a mini version. Danny thinks that was the reason he won, but Bonnie thinks it was her pep talk to believe in himself, though Danny still disagrees.

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Guys, Interrupted

Ben gives Bonnie a key to his, Danny, and Tucker's apartment because she "gave him life", but he soon finds that it may not have been the best idea when Bonnie starts bothering the guys.

Married to the Job

Bonnie buys Emma a new stroller.

Take Her Out of the Ballgame

Bonnie begins a romance with Danny's coach.

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Ben Wheeler

Ben is Bonnie's son. When she learns her youngest son is a father, she comes over immediately to see Emma. There Ben lets it slip about the adoption papers Angela had left and Bonnie tells him to sign them because he wasn't responsible enough. After learning he did not sign them because he wanted to raise Emma, she helps him take care of her. She tells Riley that he acted just like his father, Danny, Sr.[1]

Danny Wheeler

Danny is Bonnie's oldest son. She claims after having him she never fully "recovered" because she had to have a C-, D-, and E-section.[2] After Ben thought he had almost lost Emma, Bonnie tells him she had once forgot Danny in a Wal-Mart when he was two.[1]

Emma Wheeler

Emma is Bonnie's granddaughter. Bonnie takes a liking to her and helps Ben raise her. She said she had always wanted a girl and cried for about two days after finding out Ben was a boy.[3] Bonnie calls Emma her little princess.

Riley Perrin

Bonnie appears to not like Riley. In the pilot, without knowing she was in her presence, Bonnie insults her, but quickly plays off it when she notices her. In I Told You So, when Riley tries to talk to her, Bonnie ignores and interrupts her. She does accept help from her at the suggestion of Ben, however.

Tucker Dobbs

Bonnie previously did not know Tucker as seen in I Told You So when she called out Ben and Danny's names to see if they were home and called him "the other one," though she could have just forgotten his name. In The Nurse and the Curse, she and Tucker try to salvage Danny's lucky jersey that Tucker ruined. In Guys, Interrupted, when the other guys are annoyed at having Bonnie in their apartment, Tucker tells them he and Bonnie were cool because she broke up with his girlfriend for him.


  • She buys Ben's pants.[2]
  • Bonnie revealed she had to bail Ben (and possibly Tucker) out of jail in Mexico.[1]
  • Riley finds out that Bonnie had gotten married at eighteen in Vegas to a man named Larry Hoffman. Bonnie tells her she divorced Larry and rushed back home and married Danny, Sr.[1]
  • She has two tattoos which she thinks are her two greatest accomplishments.[1]


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