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Ben Wheeler
General Information
Gender Male
Full name Benjamin Bon Jovi Wheeler
Nickname(s) Ben
Ben Bunny
Age 20s
Occupation Bartender (currently)
Construction worker (formerly)
Waiter (formerly)
Resides in New York City, New York
Family and Friends
Parents Ray Wheeler (father)
Bonnie Wheeler (mother)
Relatives Danny Wheeler (older brother)
Romances Angela (ex-girlfriend)
Chloe (went out in S1E2)
Cassie (dated in S1E3)
Zoe (kissed in S1E5)
Susie (made out in S1E10)
Megan (girlfriend as of S2E8)
Riley Perrin (dated in S2E15 broke up in S3E02) (Girlfriend)
Children Emma Wheeler (Daughter)
Friends Tucker Dobbs
Riley Perrin
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Benjamin Bon Jovi "Ben" Wheeler is the protagonist of Baby Daddy. In his twenties, he becomes a surprise father to a baby girl when she is left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. He decides to raise the baby with the help of his mother Bonnie, brother Danny, and close friends Tucker and Riley. He is portrayed by Jean-Luc Bilodeau.


Ben's a bartender who lives with his brother Danny and best buddy Tucker in an apartment in New York City. He becomes a father to a baby girl left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend and after much thought, he decides to raise her.[1]

He tells Riley he doesn't know what to do with his life as seen by all the jobs he has had. (Pilot)



While Ben is helping his brother move things into his and Tucker's apartment, he finds a baby on his doorstep. Both Tucker and Danny immediately believe her to be Ben's. When Riley comes over at Danny's request, Ben learns she isn't "Fat Pants" anymore. She tells the guys she needed someone to pick up some items from the store, and Ben and Tucker quickly leave. At the store, they aren't sure of what to buy, but a customer decides to help them.

The next day Ben has to go to work, so Danny is left with Emma. He gets a text from Danny about Angela, Emma's mother, and rushes home only to find she had left. Danny tells him she had left some papers that if he signed, Emma would be put up for adoption. Bonnie comes over to see her granddaughter and learns about the adoption papers. She tells Ben to sign them because he wasn't responsible enough and Ben does so.

When Ben is left alone with Emma, he tells Riley to come over and help him take care of her. After she doesn't show up, he calls Danny, but he doesn't show up either, so he calls Tucker. When none of them show, Ben decides to take care of her by himself. He has a hard time getting Emma to eat something, but he soon manages. The next day while he is playing on the couch with Emma, Tucker, Danny, and Riley come in and he tells them that he wanted to raise Emma.

I Told You So

Bonnie is worried that guys can't take care of Emma, but Ben comes up with a plan. At work, he tells Riley that a woman had been coming a lot and not just for the food and he secures a date with her. Before doing so, however, he manages to get Bonnie to accept Riley's help with redoing her will to fit Emma in.

Because his date landed at the same time it was his turn to watch Emma, Ben tries to get his friends and brother to cover for him, and Riley says she would if she didn't have to help Bonnie because of him. When she leaves, he invokes the "bro code" (he blackmails them) on Danny and Tucker and gets to go on his date.

He goes to Chloe's house and after being continuously distracted, Ben tells her about Emma and shows her some pictures. To get rid of his anxiousness, he decides to call Danny to see how Emma was faring. He learns that Danny had left Emma with Tucker, so he calls Tucker. Tucker tells him that Emma was with Danny. Panicking because neither one was with Emma, he leaves to go home, but can't find Emma. Bonnie and Riley come in and he sees that they have her. Ben says he was never going to let Emma out of his sight and Bonnie calls him a great parent.

When Tucker and Danny rush in apologetic and worried, Ben tells them it was okay because they all made mistakes. He then says that he needed his mother's help and when they hug, she tells him "I told you so."

The Nurse and the Curse

After taking Emma to her first doctor's appointment, Ben ends up getting a date with with Cassie, the nurse. When Ben comes back from a date with Cassie, Danny takes Emma to go watch a movie while Ben talked to Riley about Cassie. He asks her to have lunch with Cassie and tell him what she thought because he wanted to make sure she was the kind of person he wanted around his child. She doesn't want to at first, but Ben convinces her and calls her a great friend.

The next day, after Riley and Cassie go on bonding trip, Ben asks Riley what she thought of her. Riley lies to him and tells Danny she hated Cassie. During Danny's first game with the NY Rangers, Ben thanks Riley for being nice to Cassie. He leaves to go talk to Danny, who had been sent to the penalty box, and catches the fight Riley and Cassie were in on the jumbotron.

Later, Ben tells Riley that he and Cassie broken and she had thought Riley had a crush on him, which Riley poorly denies. He also tells her the reason why she thought it was because he talked so much about her and wanted Emma to grow up to be like her. They then toast to friends, a word Riley hated.

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Guys, Interrupted

Ben gives Bonnie a key to his, Danny, and Tucker's apartment because she "gave him life", but he soon finds that it may not have been the best idea when Bonnie starts bothering the guys. Meanwhile, he urges Riley to go on a date with her study buddy.

Married to the Job

A baby shower is thrown for Emma. Bonnie gets emma a girly stroller that the guys take back to exchange for a cooler one that attracts women.

Ben finds out that there is a new position opening up at the bar for a manager, but his boss doesn't think that he is responsible enough for the job. When his boss thinks that Ben is married after seeing Riley with Emma, he reconsiders Ben since he nows thinks that Ben is a family man. Riley goes along with the plan that Ben devises about them being married so that he can get the promotion to manager. All goes well until Ben meets his boss' daughter at the meeting, who is the same girl that he had previously gotten a number from earlier.

Meanwhile, Danny and Tucker compete to see who can get the most phone numbers from random girls on the street with the help of the stroller, as Bonnie chases them around, looking to get the girly stroller back.

At the end of the episode, Danny finally admits to Riley that he loves her, but she takes it as an act to get her out of the situation with Ben.
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Take Her Out of the Ballgame

Riley is voted as the new team captain of Ben and Tucker's softball team but she then takes the job too seriously. Tucker is tired of losing and when Riley jumps in to help them, he is excited about her until her competitive side comes out and pushes the team to the limit. She goes crazy during the baseball game. Ben and Riley have a conversation at the field later that results in Riley feeling reassured and a car alarm going off.

Emma can't stop playing with her food and spitting and splashing all over everyone.

Meanwhile, Danny finds out that Bonnie is dating his coach, Hank (Tuc Watkins), and he is upset about it.


Bonnie Wheeler

Bonnie is Ben and Danny's protective and sometimes overbearing mother. When she learns her youngest son is a father, she comes over immediately to see Emma. There Ben lets it slip about the adoption papers Angela had left and Bonnie tells him to sign them because he wasn't responsible enough. After learning he did not sign them because he wanted to raise Emma, she is shocked, but she helps him take care of her. She tells Riley that he acted just like his father, Danny, Sr.[2]

Danny Wheeler

Danny is Ben's older brother. When Danny is traded to the NY Rangers, he moves in with Ben and Tucker. He also helps his brother take care of his daughter. In the pilot, Riley tells Danny that Ben looked up to him.

Emma Wheeler

Emma is Ben's daughter. He only found out he had a daughter when coming home one day and seeing her outside his door. After much deliberation, he decides to raise her with the help of his family and close friends. When he goes on a date and learns that no one is watching after her, he panics, but soon finds that Bonnie had her in her care. He realizes then that he never wanted Emma out of his sight.

Tucker Dobbs

Tucker is Ben's closest friend. In the pilot, when Ben calls him to get him to come home and help him with Emma, Tucker does so even though he has to leave the date he was on. Usually when he and Ben go out, he has to tell people they aren't together. Ben wonders why and Tucker tells him it was because they lived in New York and people assumed things.

Riley Perrin

Riley is Ben's closest female friend. Unknown to him until season 2, she has had a crush on him since childhood and hopes he will finally take notice in her. She helps Ben take care of his daughter. Ben tells her that he told Cassie he hoped Emma would grow up to be like her.In season 3 they begin dating.


  • Bonnie once had to bail him (and possibly Tucker) out of jail in Mexico.[2]
  • Bonnie says he can't hide anything from her, saying she knew when he burned down the basement and cracked her car's windshield. (Married to the Job)


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