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About ABC Family's Baby Daddy
The new ABC Family Original Comedy Baby Daddy is a half-hour series about Ben who, in his 20s, becomes a surprise dad to a baby girl when she's left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. Ben decides to raise the baby with the help of his mother Bonnie, his brother Danny, his best buddy Tucker and his close female friend, Riley, who is harboring a secret crush on him. Baby Daddy premiered June 20, 2012 on ABC Family, with new episodes Wednesdays at 8:30.

"Never Ben in Love" is the eighth episode of season two of Baby Daddy. It first aired July 17, 2013.

Riley plans to break up with Fitch, but then receives the news that Fitch is dead. She meets Fitch's dad, Winston Douglas, who asks her to deliver the eulogy at the funeral and tells Riley that Fitch planned to propose to her. Meanwhile, Ben realizes he might be in love with Megan, but she thinks things are moving way too fast. Tucker embarks on his "Tucket" list of things to do before he dies and Bonnie schemes to catch the eye of Fitch's wealthy dad.
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"All's Flair in Love and War" is the ninth episode of season two of Baby Daddy. It will air July 24, 2013.

Tucker's girlfriend Vanessa lands an assistant manager position at Ben's bar and makes Ben's life miserable with ridiculous hours and a new uniform. To appease his friend, Ben agrees to try to get along with Vanessa, but when she threatens his job, Ben seizes on an opportunity to get back at her by ruining a big event she's planning. Meanwhile, Danny attempts to set up Riley with a hot new teammate Gerard. Little does he know, Gerard really has eyes for Bonnie.

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Featured Dialogue

Ben: There is no reason I should be on the website.
Tucker: Susie Kettle.
Ben: Oh, maybe.
Riley: W-Wait. Susie Kettle? Bridesmaid Susie Kettle?
Ben: Yeah, most likely that Susie Kettle. But nothing happened. I was just all, "Hey, Sus, nice catching up, maybe I'll call you some time."
Tucker: Yeah, was that before or after you were making out with her on the dance floor?
Ben: Possibly after.
Riley: You made out with Susie at the wedding?
Ben: Just a little.
Tucker: Girl, we had to get the hose.

I'm Not That Guy

Featured Character

Tucker Dobbs is the best friend of Ben. When Ben becomes a father to a baby left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend, Tucker is one of those who help Ben raise the girl. Tahj Mowry describes Tucker as the "friend everyone wants" and "being mean at times". The ABC Family website says Tucker "always makes us laugh", but if you touch his food, "he'll probably make you cry!"

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